Care Instructions

Gentle wool cycle.
Do not bleach.
Do not tumble dry.
Dry flat.
Reshape while damp.
Warm iron.
Dry clean.

Both, the environment and your new woollen garment, are very important. That’s why we recommend washing it as rarely as possible.

If you feel your Vill Vill needs a refresh, hang it outside overnight—you’ll get a fresh hug in the morning. Just be sure to attach the hanger tight or it will be gone with the wind.

Felted wool tends to give some loose wool hairs, which can easily be treated with a clothes brush.

To wash your garment, use a gentle wool cycle and wool detergent. To dry, lay it flat, otherwise it stretches out. Drying rack is a great idea as air can reach both sides. Just place a towel underneath, to avoid rack lines. If you have a heated floor, it will work wonders.

Whatever you do, do not tumble dry. You can easily reshape the garment when it’s damp. Gently stretch it to your desired shape - longer or wider and just let it dry.

To get rid of wrinkles, you can iron on low temperature but we recommend to take the garment on a hanger to the bathroom and let the steam work its magic while you enjoy a long hot shower.

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